Anonymously Yours

Hello human, welcome.
Just like you, I'm a human by birth, human by religion, human by color. I live in Madras, India.
As the name and pictures imply, this is an anonymous fashion blog. Fashion from online portals, malls, stores, streets. On the fashion front, I lean a little more towards crop tops and boho jewelry; but I promise I won't just stick to that. Every blog post of mine is accompanied with a story; a personal story, an imaginary story, a fictional journey. If you connect, you do, if you don't, just listen to the whispers from the photographs, my tanned skin, the secrets behind the veil. I'm open to collaborations with different artists. Controversial or cliche, my pictures and stories would mostly speak of concepts I strongly believe in. Sometimes, I'll also tell you how to wear/style a costume in different ways. So If you're here for fashion, hello. If you're here for art, hello. If you're here for both, hello. All that matters is that you are here.
Why anonymous?
I have an obsessive compulsive disorder of wanting to do everything differently. Also, I find the challenge of coming up with new ideas for every photograph quite intriguing. The art and creativity associated with it is the key drive. Last but not the least, I'm saving you from looking at my ugly face. You're welcome.
Will I attend blogger events? Yes.
Will I still stay anonymous? Yes.
Don't you think its interesting?


Last Modified 28th July 2017
The naked mind

Last Modified 28th July 2017
The naked mind

Its a hazy morning. Neither too hot nor too cold. Specks of sand leach their way in, onto my blanket and into my skin. My unholy body twists and turns soaking in the subdued sun, with a trail of liquid oozing out between my legs. The sea smells different today, I wonder. "If freedom had a smell" connoted the mind.


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